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ReStart your Life!

reset rescue!

Your Spiritual Journey to Wellness, Weight loss and Well Being

        Renew your MIND
Energize your BODY
Soothe your HEART
Excite your SPIRIT
Transform YOURSELF!


Are you ready?

In John Chapter 5, Jesus asks this question to a man who has been sick a very long time. Today, I ask you the same question. Do you want to be well? Some translations ask "made whole", "healed", "wish to have health and strength"? I ask . . .do you want to be FREE??!! You would, of course, think the answer would be a resounding "Yes!", but not so fast. Ironically, many people who are not physically and/or mentally well find an odd comfort in illness. People can often find their identity there, they can use illness for an excuse to not move forward in life or to keep themselves from functioning in the world. They take ownership of their problems: my auto immune, my arthritis, my weight, my migraines, my depression, my anxiety etc. Just as there is fear in illness, there can be fear in wellness.  Who am I if I am not sick? What am I other than this illness? What will I talk about if not for my world of meds, doctor appointment, misery, complaints, hurts and pains?   What if I start functioning again and fail? What if people started depending on me, and I had no more excuses? Hmmmm . . . . so I ask YOU, do YOU want to get well? I am going to assume you have answered yes if you continue in this journey, if your answer is no, and you are not ready yet, please bless another with this website. 

How I can help

How i Can Help 

Reset Rescue is a private, one-on-one, personalized workshop to help people who feel stuck in their lives. Reset means to set again or set differently, and rescue means to save someone from a distressing or dangerous situation. I find most people have spent a large part of their life in survival mode, on the hamster wheel, basically just trying to get by. At some point, people wake up and say “is this what life is really about?” I believe if you are reading this, that is where you are, and I am so excited for you!

Reset Rescue will move you into the life that you desire. I will help you decide what that looks like and how to get you there. The basic Reset Rescue course is a five week program. This is the recommended starting point for you. If you wish to continue investing in yourself, there are multiple session packages available after the initial program. We will meet during a phone interview and discuss what you hope to achieve from the course. We will meet each week for one hour, prescheduled session by a pre chosen mode of contact. Each week we will discuss where you are, where you desire to be, and how we can move you in that direction. The five weeks consist of mind, body, heart, spirit and transformation. At the end of the five weeks, you will have a very clear understanding and concrete tools to move you towards a much more fulfilling and joyful life!

MIND -Words have power. You control your thoughts. "I am" statements. Quiet your mind.
BODY -Reset weight loss program for optimal health and wellness and weight loss.
HEART -Forgiveness is key. Love or fear? "To be" statements. Loving the unlovable.
SPIRIT -What are you passionate about?  What excites you? Dreams and aspirations.
TRANSFORM -Putting in all together and setting you on your way to freedom! 

who i AM AND WHO i Can Help 

Who I am

  • Mother of two

  • Grandma of one

  • Life coach

  • Certified personal trainer

  • Developer of RESET eating plan

  • Multiple business owner

  • Real estate investor

  • All natural bodybuilder winner

  • Teen counselor of Cornerstone

  • Drug & alcohol counselor for Y.O.U.

  • Spiritual counselor for Father's Heart

  • Founder of Helping Hands and Hearts non-profit

  • Foster mom

I help people with

  • Emotional issues

  • Family conflicts

  • Exercising/weight training

  • Weight loss

  • Body image

  • Financial

  • Employment issues

  • New career

  • Sickness

  • Relationships

  • Death of loved one

  • Starting a business

  • Real Estate investing

  • Childhood trauma

  • Nutrition

  • Divorce

  • Alcohol and drug addiction

  • Abuse/neglect/abandonment

  • Home buying

  • Church hurts

  • Religious/spiritual

what clients say

"I want to thank you for the inspiration that you give me on a weekly basis!! You are the best trainer ever! In the last 10 weeks you have helped me not only become healthier, you have helped me improve my body, mind and soul. You are truly an amazing person, trainer and without a doubt a GOD SEND! — feeling blessed."
Tina R.
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