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A christmas story

I was on location for work a few days ago and noticed a giant puzzle completed but as I got closer, I noticed that one piece was missing. I went over and put my finger in the space and said to the employee, "seriously?" as he looked in disgust and said "can you believe it?" Now this was after a long, twelve hour day of work and time for me to leave, so I walked away and thought nothing more about it.

As I am having quiet time with God a few days later, my spirit brings to mind the puzzle with the missing piece. God starts revealing to me how we tend to look at life, just like the puzzle . . . instead of looking at the big picture, we focus on the one small problem.

I can't honestly tell you for sure what the picture was, I am pretty sure it was a sunset, but I was so focused on that one little missing piece that I missed out on the entire beautiful picture! A picture that was SO beautiful it was made into a giant puzzle! Thousands of amazingly intertwined pieces, that people poured hours into assembling to reveal something spectacular. I missed out on a beautiful creation while focusing on a small imperfection.

So for this year, 2022, I pray that you and I choose to focus on the big picture and not let small imperfections get us distracted.

Let's stop focusing on the one or two things are aren't going well, when we have so many things that are. If you have a warm home, food to eat, family and friends, you have much, much more than many others. Merry Christmas and may this New Year be filled with much joy and many blessings for you and your family!

Deb Sompel, Reset Rescue Life Coach

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