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Change your story, change you life!

What is the story you tell about your life and who you are? We often speak but don’t truly understand the power of our thoughts and words, when our thoughts and words actually are creating our life.... our future..... our story! Here are some important questions to consider:

  • How often to do you tell your story?

  • Do you enjoy sharing it when you do?

  • Have you ever taken time to listen to how you describe yourself and what you are living?

  • Do you pay attention to the reaction you get from people when you talk about yourself?

  • Is your story depressing or uplifting?

  • Is it a story about the life you truly desire?

Your story is the life you have created thus far. If you are not content and happy with where you are, you must change the story. Awareness of the content you repeat over and over is the first step. The next step is making a deliberate decision to determine what you want your story to be.

Many people feel they must continue telling the tales of the hurts of the past, the trauma, the pain, so they can justify their current misery. This justification is needed to provide an excuse for why they cannot succeed in moving forward. What they don’t realize is, by continuing the narrative, it keeps them bound in the place they don’t want to be. As soon as you recall something from the past, the chemical makeup in your body actually returns to where it was at that time and the emotions go there as well. This perpetuates a cycle from which is difficult to break free.

How people react to you is a great indicator of whether you are speaking life or death, blessing or curses. Watch their faces, their demeanor, as you speak of your lingering illness or the continued broken relationships in your life. Do you really want people to feel sorry for you? Sorry is a feeling of distress. Do you want people in distress with you? Misery loving company? Would you rather be an uplifter or a bring downer? This is not freedom. It’s a trap of bondage.

Stop allowing others to speak limits over you and stop speaking limits over yourself. If you are surrounded by people who insist on staying in the low frequencies of guilt, shame and fear, you must find a way to rise above. If they are not encouraging you to live your best life, they are holding you down. These are probably not the best people to share with as they will not truly want you to make the strides they cannot accomplish themselves.

Words, both spoken and thoughts, have tremendous power. Everything created was spoken into existence, including you! If your story is one that no longer serves you, it’s time to speak life over yourself and others. You will find it very satisfying and rewarding because it is who you truly are. We are born uplifters! No longer will you be part of the energy draining gossip and negative speech and thoughts about other human beings. As you feel the love for yourself, you will then radiate it to others, and as you speak life over people, you will uplift yourself. This is the way it was meant to be.

It’s time to talk more about where you are going than where you have been. It’s time to think about your future, the things you desire, the things you hope to achieve, the things that will bring you happiness, health, and wellbeing. Quieting your mind through meditation will remove the distractions and bring the clarity about what you truly want and don’t want. Put you focus on the wants and watch the magic happen!

Be passionately outspoken about what you want to manifest in your life, and stop giving excuses about why you are unhappy. We are powerful creators! Your life is your creation! Today is the day to start a new story, a brand-new chapter in the book of you!

RESET RESCUE will help you:

*Change you story

*Learn to speak life over yourself and others

*Get your mind clear and clean of distractions

*Learn to see your value and worthiness

*Rid your mind of negative thoughts

*Live your best life ever!!

Deb Sompel - Reset Rescue Coach

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