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Embrace your singleness . . . .it's not a relationship status, we are all single!

When you think of the word single, you most likely think of a person who is not currently in

a relationship. Single is actually defined as one, which describes all of us, everyone! Everyone is single, created as sovereign, independent, autonomous, free, self-governing human beings. Each one of us came into this word all by ourselves, and we will leave this earth all by ourselves.

The only true thing that is constant in your lifetime is you and the one who created you. People will come and go, people will die, material things will manifest and fade . . . recognizing and embracing your singleness will change your perceptions, enhance your existence, and give you power over your life!

I don’t know many who are content being alone. The world has caused us to believe that we

should be in a committed relationship, and that we are lacking fulfillment if we are not. The

world has taught us to enjoy constant distractions in many forms causing us to feel

uncomfortable when things are still and quiet. I can tell you nothing is further from the truth.

Spending time alone can be the most fulfilling and exhilarating moments of your life, once you move out of the chaos and confusion, and grow more and more comfortable in your own presence.

Spending time in meditation and quieting your mind provides relief from the constant chatter in your brain. Even just a few minutes of clearing your mind does wonders for your capacity to slow thoughts for days to come. I often compare meditation with watering a garden where nothing has grown yet. It looks like you are doing nothing, wasting your time, when in reality, nothing would grow if you had not bothered. You create when you are silent.

When you encourage calmness in your mind, the world opens up for you.

When the racing thoughts are silenced, you can hear the still small voice of your spirit guide you in the direction that will give you the desires on your heart. God knows what you want and what you need. Allowing that inner voice to move you through your life will remove anxiety and fear and allow the joy and love you are meant to have return.

You are not able to hear the promptings of your spirit when there are too many distractions. When Jesus fasted and prayed, it had nothing to do with food and/or begging God for his needs. He removed himself from the distraction of others and listened for God’s voice, the voice inside him, to give him direction for the purpose of his life.

I encourage you to have more alone time in your life. Take the opportunity to get to know

yourself without anyone else around. The way you interact with the world and the way you see things changes when you move about without someone being near you. Learn to like yourself and your own company and learn to love yourself for the amazing creation you are. Getting to know who you are, what makes you tick, what makes you happy is the reason for your existence here on earth.

Time to get off the hamster wheel of life and understand what this is all really about! It is about growing, expanding, and learning what creates joy in your life. You were created like no one else. You have gifts and talent like no one else. Learning that you can control your life gives you the power and authority to move forward, take charge and be all you can be!

Reset rescue will help you:

*Learn to dream again

*Love yourself

*Find the joy you have lost

*Understand the reasons for the anxiety and fear you are experiencing

*Learn how to quiet your mind

*End the racing thoughts

*Enjoy your life!

Deb Sompel, Reset Rescue life coach for appointment to transform your life in 2022!

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