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freedom comes when you . . . . .

If I had to come up with one word to express the goal I have for my own life, it would be …FREEDOM!!

There are many types of freedoms. This post focuses on freedoms that allow people to be who they truly are, so they are happy and able to enjoy their lives to the fullest -

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual freedom.

Physical freedom comes from a healthy, well cared for body. The ability to move naturally, to explore this world without restraint, to breathe freely. It is a life without medication and doctor visits achieved by eating clean food, exercising, getting adequate fresh air and sunshine and proper rest.

Emotional freedom is learning to control your thoughts, the voices that are in your mind on a regular basis. It is freedom from racing and morbid thoughts that distract and keep you paralyzed. Realizing your emotions are a gauge for where you are, and that you have ability to change or stop those thoughts that will soon gain momentum either in a negative or a positive way, will help you achieve this freedom. Controlling your thoughts relieves the stress and anxiety that keeps you in survival mode which causes the inability to move forward or envision a promising future.

Spiritual freedom is learning discernment from the spirit inside you. It is understanding that our negative thoughts are not from God. It’s about trusting that voice inside you that is saying you are good, you are whole, and you are perfect in God’s eyes. It is soothing your soul, forgiving those who have wronged you, and loving yourself unconditionally.

This may look like a lengthy list, but as I was writing, I realized that after just a few are accomplished, they all will quickly start falling into place. Be gentle and kind to yourself as we are all a work in progress, and you are exactly where you are meant to be!

Freedom comes when you . . . .

*Love yourself

*No longer care what others think

*Realize you are loved by God unconditionally

*Love others unconditionally

*Forgive quickly

*Stop trying to make others behave the way you think they should

*Stop letting everyone tell you who God is and find out for yourself

*Stop waiting for others to change so you can be happy

*Separate from toxic relationships, love from a distance

*Are happy regardless of the condition of others

*Stop trying to prove you are good

*Be who you are without apology

*Realize your own value and worth

*Realize that you are good, made perfect in God’s image

*Stop believing you are bad, not worthy, a sinner, or a label someone gave you

*Stop letting others tell you what to do

*Stop telling others what to do, how to live their lives

*Take care of your body because you love yourself

*Give generously

*Get rid of the poverty mindset

*Create a mindset of abundance

*Realize you control your thoughts; they don’t control you

*Stop feeling sorry for others and realize they are all on their own paths

*Stop speaking death over yourself and others

*Stop letting others speak negatively over you

*Learn to clear your mind through meditation

*Stop letting others tell you what to believe

*Eat clean and care for your body

*Get enough sleep

*Learn to keep your vibration up no matter what

*Ignore distractions, most things are distractions

*Spend time alone, getting to know who you are

*Learn to be joyful not matter what is happening around you

*Let everyone do them, and you do you!

Deb Sompel, Reset Rescue Coach

Be part of my crew in ’22 and make this YOUR best year EVER!!! Morning, afternoon and evenings available. Book an appointment -

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