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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

We talk a lot about physical transformations with diet and exercise, but what is a physical transformation worth if you don’t transform spiritually in the process? We tend to understand the outer work, but the inner work, not so much. I always say, “I don’t know anyone with a strong body who doesn’t have a strong mind”, but it is more than that.

Clean up your eating - clean up your thoughts.

Just as it is necessary to give your body good, clean, whole foods for optimal nourishment, you must learn to clean up your thoughts to nourish a healthy spirit. Thoughts/words have power and what you speak over yourself sets your future in motion. Self talk is key as you speak blessing or curses over yourself and others. Learning to be kind to yourself is the first step, and of the utmost importance, and then you will find yourself being kind to others irregardless of how they are treat you. When you know who you are, you let others off the hook and no longer hold them responsible for you happiness.

Build your muscle - build your confidence.

As you build your physical body with muscle that creates strength and balance, you must do the inner work to know who you are. . . your identity. This builds confidence so that you are not affected by what people say and think and you break free from feeling offended. You no longer use the outer distraction of an attractive physique to cover up insecurities that lie within. Truly the ultimate freedom to break free from other people’s opinions of you, and know who you are!

Let go of unhealthy choices - let go of hate, anger and fear.

As you learn to let go of lifestyle choices that do not allow for the optimum health you are creating, you must learn to let go of the low vibration emotions that hold you down. When you are vibrating at that high place of love, passion and joy, you no longer need to partake in the things that use to provide a short spell of relief ie. alcohol, drugs, food addictions, gambling etc. When you are vibrating at low levels of hate, fear and guilt, those things are used to provide distraction and comfort, and they will no longer be necessary as you learn to rise above.

Rest for muscle repair - meditate for clarity.

Many believe that resting is unproductive laziness, and nothing could be further from the truth. Muscle that has been worked, needs time to repair just as your mind needs rest to repair, relieve resistance. You are not building muscle in the gym, you are tearing it down. Muscle grows while you rest and feed it good things to grow strong. Meditation relieves resistance to allow your mind to clear, to stop thought, to rest. The analogy of meditation is watering the garden where nothing has grown yet. It looks like you are wasting your time, but in reality, nothing would grow if it had not been watered.

This is what RESET RESCUE is about. For many years, I focused on the food and exercise for my clients physical transformation and was extremely successful in helping them to achieve their goals. As I began my spiritual awakening, I realized the importance of the inner work to freedom and how everything is connected. Helping people not only realize the confidence of a better body, while also helping them connect spiritually on a level that creates a newfound, consistent joy that completely changes their perceptions of life, has been the most spectacular experience for my clients and for me! We are in this together and this life journey can be amazing when we lift each other up, encourage each other and elevate ourselves to a higher level of peace and joy . . . true freedom both physically and spiritually!

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